Why Mike McCatty?

Mike has been putting together real estate deals for over 17 years. If you knew Mike however, you would say that he has been buying and selling his entire life. As a young man, Mike persuaded family and friends to visit some of the first model homes offered in the area. Once the ink was dry on his broker’s license in 1999, Mike left his executive level restaurant career in the dust.

His passion for real estate still runs deep. Mike has relocated his personal residence 10 times. Chances are he has either been your neighbor or will be soon.  This coupled with dozens of flips/flops and construction projects gives Mike experience in all aspects of real estate. He prides himself on offering many "firsts" in his field, most recently with professional aerial drone photography.

Mike is married and has three children.  Two young adult sons Andrew, a recent graduate of, and Nathan, who is currently a junior attending the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana, with a focus in Business, and a daughter, Sarah, who has recently graduated high-school and is establishing her career in cosmetology. Mike's favorite sports to watch were his son's varsity high school hockey games and daughter's dance competitions. His coupon-clipping wife of 25 years, Kathie maintains the home so that Mike may remain focused on his real estate business.

While working 24/7 is a fact, not a slogan, Mike does set-aside time with family and friends at his summer home at Lincoln Lake. Having a retreat within an hour of his business allows Mike to unwind without losing focus of his clients. You can reach Mike direct at

708.945.2121 or email soldbuymccatty@aol.com